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How to bet exacta on kentuury derby horse racing betting venter hong kong

Saturday 25st, September 4:50:12 Am
How to Bet on The Kentucky Derby


Exacta Betting Strategies for the Kentucky Derby. Picking the winner of a race and making a straight bet on the winning horse is the most popular bet, but hitting the exacta is even more fun and a bigger payoff.

An exacta is to select the first two finishers in a horse race in exactly the right order. The Kentucky Derby often has 20 horses in the field. Even when the two favorites finish and like the Derby with Nyquist 52 and Exaggerator 51, a 2 exacta wager returned However, when 501 long shot Giacomo closed determinedly after being stuck behind a wall or. Depending on how much faith you have in your horse and how much return you're willing on your bet, picking a win, place, or show is a simple way to dip your toe in the waters of horse racing.

Exactas, Trifectas, and Superfectas.

While these bets are harder to hit, they're where bettors can start to make big money on smaller investments. An Exacta is a bet on two horses to come in first and second in the race in exact order.

If you're confident in two horses racing, but aren't as sure on the order they'll come in, you can place an Exacta Box, w. How do I bet the Kentucky Derby? We've all heard the caveat "past results are not indicative of future performance." That's certainly true in horse racing, but to a large degree horseplayers tend to side with those horses that have demonstrated the ability to win a race like the one they're running in today.

A copious amount of words could be written on how to attack wagers like the Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta in the Kentucky Derby, some of which generally require a significant amount of capital to cover every base. For the purposes of this piece, though, it might be more helpful to look back over the past quarter-century of the Kentucky Derby to glean clues and insight on what not to overlook from a Win betting perspective. Exacta This bet is pretty much the same idea as the Quiniela, but you are required to pick the two horses that will finish and in the exact order.

It pays much better than a Quiniela because of this. Exacta Box You get to pick two or more horses with this bet and they have to finish in the top two in any order for a winning wager. However, it costs double the amount of a regular exacta to box two horses. Trifecta Trifecta is like the Exacta but tougher to win. If you’re at the track and you don’t know how to place a bet, then here’s a little tip for you.

Go up to the pay window and give the amount you want to bet, the number of your horse, and then the name of the bet. For example, if you wanted the 1 horse to win for 10, you would say this Give me 10 on 1 to win. If you have 50 you would like to bet on the Kentucky Derby, I would recommend playing a win bet on one or two horses, a few small exacta plays, and some trifectas as well.

How should you break up that money? You could just pick your favorite horse and put all 50 on win, place, or show. In a horse field that’s a fair strategy, since the odds will be good with so many options to bet. However, in a race like the Kentucky Derby it’s fun to mix things up and use that money to play a few different wagers. Instead, I would recommend playing a win bet on one or two horses, a few small exacta plays, and some trifectas as well.

In the exacta, you must pick the winner and second-place finisher in that exact order.

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Two professional BETologists offer their suggestions for betting on the Kentucky Derby. For the past several years, Julie and Nick have offered advice on how to bet on the Kentucky Derby, and they’re back this year to help with Saturday's race. While Wednesday night's scratch of Omaha Beach and the uncertain weather forecast make their job a daunting one, they’ve nonetheless put together tickets that total 99 each in the hope of helping you make a bunch of money on Saturday.

Even if you’re not in Louisville, you can still place these bets at a racetrack near you, at an off-track betting facility or through an online or telephone betting account. Bet on the Kentucky Derby, get expert picks, odds and betting strategy guide for the upcoming Kentucky Derby starting May 4, at Churchill downs. Payouts on any of the above depend on a number of factors, namely how much money is in the pot overall but also on the perceived level of difficulty.

With this in mind, the highest payouts are usually on win bets, the second highest generally on place bets and of course the lowest are usually on show bets as these are the easiest to get right.

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The exacta is a bet you can make predicting what horses will finish and in the correct order and if you’re successful, you will usually receive a pretty major payout. If you do want to bet two horses however and you’re not so confident you can predict the exact order, you can box this bet.

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The two horse exacta bets cost the same regardless of how the example wager is placed. A 2 wager made twice will cost 4. The process of boxing horses is simple with a two-horse example.

We have a handy Kentucky Derby Betting Guide. This is a great place for new bettors to start understanding how to bet on the Kentucky Derby.

The 20 horse field for the Kentucky Derby is almost set. Post positions will be drawn on Tuesday at 11 am eastern time. Exacta Your horses must finish and in a specified order. This makes the bet much harder to win but also greatly increases the payout. Trifecta Your horses must finish 1st, and in exact order. Superfecta Your select four horses that must finish 1st, 2nd, and in exact order.

The superfecta is the most difficult bet to win in all of horse betting, and is thus the most rewarding. Due to the distance of the Kentucky Derby’s homestretch, talent usually prevails but something has to be said about the horse that takes the best line.

In both of his wins, Gun Runner has done exactly that with precise timing and execution. Gun Runner also has exceptional pedigree after being sired by Candy Ride and has proven that he has that competitive edge that’s hard to determine in other races.

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Making an exacta bet requires basic racing know-how. Check out our page for online horse race betting strategies and learn how to read exacta key box odds. Odds for a straight exacta bet for the Derby would look something like this. Find out here the betting markets for the Kentucky Derby for Saturday the of May This your free Kentucky Derby betting options guide explained for free and also our predictions on who we think will win the th Kentucky Derby The most popular choice for how to bet on Kentucky Derby horses is also the easiest Which horse will win?

Put your money down 2 is standard in horse racing, although larger bets are welcome and if your pick crosses the wire first, you win. For example, let’s go back to the Kentucky Derby, where rockstar horse California Chrome was the winner with odds of 52. Let’s start with the easiest exotic bet of them all Kentucky Derby Exacta Betting What Is an Exacta Bet? Bet on two horses to finish, in that order. An Exacta bet is a 2 bet on the first two horses to cross the finish line, in that exact get it?

Bettors who bet on 16 and 19 to be first and second, in that order, won Most race tracks offer bettors the option of a 1 bet called a Box, where you bet on the outcome in either order.

So in other words, if you had bet a 1 Exacta box on, you would have won if the first two horses to cross the finish line were 16 and 19, in either order. A Trifecta bet, then, is the same thing as an Exacta bet, only you’re betting on the first three horses to cross the finish l.

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EXACTA You bet on horses which you expect to finish and in correct order. Real Derby is horse racing mobile game. Android only The major feature is betting system.

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There are 5 bet types you can coose. How to place an "exacta" bet and more for this weekend's Run for the Roses.

May 2, - You've got your mint julep and your fancy hat ready for the Kentucky Derby, but are you ready to place your bet on the horse you think will win? Like all sports, horse racing has its own language that can be confusing to casual watchers. What's a superfecta anyway, and how do you bet one? Here's our guide to making sense of the Run for the Roses. You can place your bet anytime up until about 20 minutes before the race goes off at p.m.

If you're not going to be in Louisville for the big day, you can head to your local racetrack or off-track bet. How to bet on the Kentucky Derby. According to Churchill Downs, over million is won by people betting on the Kentucky Derby every year. If you want to get in on that, it’s a good idea to learn a few horse racing betting basics first. There are five basic ways to bet on any single horse race, including the Kentucky Derby.

An exacta is a bet on two horses to finish first and second, in that order. You win if you exactly predict the winning sequence. The difficulty of picking two horses to win and place in exact order means exacta bets pay much bigger odds than most. However, you can also box the wager, essentially betting on the same two horses to win and place in any order. This increases your chances of winning but also lowers your profit. Kentucky Derby bets are high risk, high reward.

But what the heck is an exacta, a trifecta box and other bets at Churchill Downs? How to bet on the races and hopefully win money at the Kentucky Derby. Kentucky Derby bets are high risk, high reward. But what the heck is an exacta, a trifecta box and other bets at Churchill Downs?.

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Not sure how to bet on a horse race? Here’s some advice for first-time bettors. Exacta You play two horses, and they must come in first and second in the exact order specified in order to collect. Exacta Box You play two horses, as above, but here they must come in first and second in either order to collect. Trifecta You play three horses, and to win, they must come in first, second and third in exact order to collect.

Horsing Around Riderless Colt Races to Preakness Finish. Trifecta Box You play three horses, and they must finish first, second and third in any order to collect. Superfecta You play four horses, and they must come in first, second, third and fourth in ex. How to bet on the Kentucky Derby.

If you're betting at a window, whether it be at Churchill Downs or your local track which is simulcasting the Kentucky Derby, say the name of the track, the number race you're betting, how much you want to wager, the type of wager and the numbers post positions of the horses you're including in your bet.

interiordesignerwebdpkq.us is the official betting site of the Kentucky Derby. You can also "box" an exacta, trifecta or superfecta, which means you bet on all the possible combinations. So if I bet a trifecta box on Omaha Beach, Roadster and Improbable in the Kentucky Derby, I'd actually be making six bets because I'm taking all six possible combinations. Pick three or four, or five, or six. This involves picking the winners of several different races at a track on a given day.

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EXACTA You’re betting on two horses to come in first and second in an exact order. For example, if you placed a 2 exacta on horses 3 and 5, you can only collect if horse 3 comes in first and horse 5 comes in second. Exacta bets are popular among skilled horse handicappers because the payoff can be very lucrative.

You can also box your exacta bet which means your two horses can come in any order in the top two spots and you still win. So now you know how to place a bet at the horse races.

With that bit of info, you can go to any track in America and have a good time picking a random horse and betting your 2 on each race. But if you’re like most people, your goal isn’t to simply pay 2 to watch a bunch of horses run around a track.

You actually want to win some money. Discover how to read odds, calculate payoffs, and understand different bet types in order to successfully wager on the Kentucky Derby. Find all the information you need to research and place bets, legally, on the biggest event in horse racing. A boxed bet pertains to exactas, trifectas, and superfectas. When you box your bet, your selections can finish in any conceivable order. For example, an Exacta Box bet on horses 1 8 means that you win as long as horse 1 8 finish in the top two in either order.

A Straight Exacta bet on horses 1 8 only allow horse 1 to win and horse 8 to place in order for you to claim your winnings. Trifecta and Superfecta box bets work the same way.

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby has most likely been around since the very first running of the race in Over the years, as with other aspects of the race, betting for it has evolved into a simple system that still manages to give gamblers a wide range of options when betting on the race. Throughout most of the century, there were few gambling options to challenge the dominance of horse racing. Florida had a few jai alai frontons, Nevada had casino gambling and there were plenty of illegal bookmakers throughout the country.

Turfway Park, Race 3, 2 exacta on horses 8 and 6.

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The expert strategy for exactas and other types of exotic bets is to make multiple wagers to 'cover' different results. Congratulationsyou now know how to bet on Kentucky Derby. Placing your bet Most basically, you can bet on a single horse to win finish first, place finish first or second, or show finish first, second, or third.

Risk and reward decrease as you go from win to show. GETTING EXOTIC The so-called exotic wagers include exactas picking the first- and second-place finishers in order, trifectas picking the first-, second-, and third-place finishers in order, superfectas picking the first-through-fourth-place finishers in order, and super high-five picking the first-through-fifth-place finishers in order.

You can hedge any of these bets by qu Knowing the derby's quirks. An Exacta is a bet that the two horses you choose will come in first and second in the race, in order. Boxing a bet means to bet all possible combinations of a multiple-horse bet. The best value bet in any horse race is what's called an Exacta box, which is actually six bets - you choose three horses and bet them in all possible combinations in any order. There's a specific language used for placing a bet at a pari-mutuel window.

Those three year-olds have NEVER raced at the "classic" distance of the Kentucky Derby, so your only true indication of any of them "getting the distance" is purely on breeding. This is not a terrible method of distance prediction, but more so by elimination than determination.

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Looking for some winning betting strategies? Want to know how to read a race program? Louisville native Jon Bois is here to not help at all. Show - A bet on which horse will finish third. Ugh, that just seems stupid and boring.

Giveaway You place a bet that is officially registered as a "no bet.". Win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, and superfecta bets explained. The exacta refers to the first two horses that finish the Derby in the exact order that you bet them. For example, if you think that horse No.

8 will come in second place, you would bet an exacta 5, 8.

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The trifecta refers to the first three horses that cross the finish line in exact order. 8 will be second, and horse No. 4 will be third, you’d bet a trifecta 5, 8, 4. Those three horses must finish in that exact order for you to win this bet. The superfecta takes the previous two bets to the next level.

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Bet the Kentucky Derby online. Includes full review of top 3 betting sites, lines, odds for the race and exclusive bonus offers! You’ll also realize how quickly the exacta, trifecta and superfecta payouts can increase. Learn how to bet on horse racing and the terms to know, like what an Exacta is with our handy guide. If you are new to horse racing or just need a refresher on how things work with the ponies, no worries.

We have a basic glossary of terms below to help you bet the ponies.

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Some state racing associations, NYRA for example, offer an app for users to place bets. There are OTBs Off-Track Betting shops around the States. You could also go to any race track and bet on the Derby or any race around the country. And in some states, there are select bars with betting kio. The Derby day crowd bets a total of 67, of which 18, is placed on the Derby race alone.

The minimum bet is reduced from 5 to 2, and a betting booth is introduced. The Future Wager allows fans to bet on contenders leading up to the Derby race, when the odds are higher and there is an opportunity to win more money if the contender wins.

This year marked the third century in which the Kentucky Derby was run Fusaichi Pegasus wins the Kentucky Derby. The Kentucky Derby winner is Smarty Jones, and he is later featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Barbaro wins the Kentucky Derby, by six and a half lengths the largest victory since. In the Derby I would like a 2 exacta on 2 and 8 please." Not so hard right?

Read More Kentucky Derby tickets ride high despite shared spotlight. If you really love one horse, like American Pharoah 18 but you're not so sure he'll win, you might consider betting "across the board." That means you're in the the money if he finishes first, second or third. It will cost three times the amount you say.

For that wager you say "In the Derby I would like 2 across on 18 please." This bet costs 6. You can make as many bets as you like at one time. You Don't know whom to bet on? You should know that post 10 is the winningest starting spot at the Derby.

This year, that number belongs to Firing Line. Post 17 is the only spot that's never started a Derby winner.

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Here’s how to bet on the Derby The outlook for the race, which will be run Saturday evening, took a dramatic turn Wednesday when favorite Omaha Beach scratched. My conviction in how the race will be run has lessened appreciably, but the payouts could be very handsome.

Then I will do a pair of exacta bets, boxing three horses in each. Boxing means that the horses can come in either first or second and you still have a winning ticket. Let’s go with a 3 exacta box with Tacitus, Game Winner and Improbable an 18 wager. Then a 2 exacta box with Tacitus, Game Winner and Roadster a 12 wager.

That leaves 60 for the big bet, a trifecta. Derby trifectas have often paid in the thousands of dollars, so they’re worth taking a shot at.

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First, the terminology Simple bets let you pick the place you think a horse will finish and you get paid if they do it. These bets have the lowest odds. Place A bet on a horse to finish or Show A bet on a horse to finish 1st, 2nd, or To shoot for bigger odds you must wager on more exotic bets. Exacta A bet picking the and place finishers in a race.

Trifecta A bet picking the 1st, 2nd, and place finishers in a race. Superfecta A bet picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and place finishers in a race.

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Depending on how much faith you have in your horse and how much return you’re willing on your bet, picking a win, place, or show is a simple way to dip your toe in the waters of horse racing. Exactas, Trifectas, and Superfectas. While these bets are harder to hit, they’re where bettors can start to make big money on smaller investments.

An Exacta is a bet on two horses to come in first and second in the race in exact order. If you’re confident in two horses racing, but aren’t as sure on the order they’ll come in, you can place an Exacta Box, which is essentially placing two bets one exacta with one of your horses finishing first and the other second, and a second bet with their order reversed.

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Consider how a horse has performed in its recent races at the same distance on the same surface in the Derby's case, 1 14 miles on dirt, percentage of starts won this year and notable margins of victory winning by over three lengths is considered good. Know that a horse's program number is not always the same as its post position, this occurring when there are coupled "entries," horses paired in betting because they have the same trainer or owners rules vary on this from state to state.

Always be sure you know the correct program numb An exacta bet is a step up from a win, place and show bet. To place an exacta bet, you pick two horses to finish in first and second place.

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The exacta bet will see you aiming to pick the first and second in order. A tough bet to win, but the rewards are there. You can box your exacta bet for an additional stake, meaning that they can finish in whatever order. You need to name the first, second and third place in order. Of course, there is the possibility to box your trifecta bet. All the best online bookmakers will offer odds on the Kentucky Derby for months in the build up to the big race and it’s well worth shopping around to find the best odds.

A number of bookmakers will have free bets available for the big race and potentially even have different promotions each and every day throughout the festival.

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While Derby favorites have prevailed in the last three years, the median payout for a 2 ticket on the winner from to was 23, and the median 2 exacta payout was In about half of the Derbys this century, longer shots have prevailed.

And given that both Crist and Beyer see this year’s crop of 3-year-olds as somewhat below par, the stage could be set for a major upset. If the race is wide open, then it may pay to just have fun. Toss a couple of win bets in whatever way suits your fancy.

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Filed UnderHow I'd Bet, kentucky derby, Kentucky Derby Bet, Kevin Martin. One entry stands out when reviewing the full field of twenty colts expected to run in the th edition of the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs on Saturday. Justify enters the Derby with question marks but his three career performances, all coming this year, have been stellar and surpass anything seen from this year’s class of colts.

Justify is the morning line favorite and the most likely to land in the winner’s circle on Saturday evening in Louisville. I will use the remainder of my bankroll on exacta and a trifecta bets that lean heavily on California’s dynamic duo. Let’s start with an easy one, I’ll box Justify and Bolt d’Oro in a 10 exacta box for a total of.

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According to Professor Kelly, whether betting on the Derby on a site based in the US or overseas, the most important thing to consider is that the site has the funds and intention to pay winners. That means researching if a site has a good reputation and taking into consideration if it is located in an area with high legal expectations, e.g.

A betting site in the UK would probably be a safer bet excuse the pun than one based in Costa Rica. A Google search will indeed pull up a number of foreign-based sports betting sites that will allow you to bet on the Derby.

Here's an official Kentucky Derby explainer video on WinPlaceShow narrated by a woman who sounds like she's explaining betting to a three-year-old. And remember, you can place numerous different bets on a single race.

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The Epsom Derby betting post, c. In Europe, Australia, and Asia, betting to place is different since the number of "payout places" varies depending on the size of the field that takes part in the race. For example, in a race with seven or less runners in the UK, only the first two finishers would be considered winning bets with most bookmakers.

In the most basic horizontal wager, an exacta, the bettor selects the first and second place horses in the exact order. Picking the first three finishers in exact order is called a trifecta and a superfecta refers to the specific finishing order of the top four horses. A wheel is a bet on a single horse is to finish in a specific position, with multiple horses finishing ahead andor behind it. In a sense, a win bet can be thought of as a specific type of wheel bet.

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Our extensive Kentucky Derby betting guide provides info on how and where to place a bet, along with post positions, odds, and tips on how to pick a winner. For example, you can place 1 exacta bets or cent trifecta or even cent superfecta bets at some locations. This allows you more betting options while including more horses at a lesser cost or risk. An additional bet of interest is the Kentucky Oaks Derby double in which you pick the winner of Friday’s 1 million Kentucky Oaks for 3-year-old fillies and Saturday’s 3 million Kentucky Derby.

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While it’s not known how much is bet everywhere, I have pulled up some numbers from Churchill Downs and all North American Racetracks in recent years. Let’s take a look at these betting totals, plus the attendance numbers.

North American Racetracks Money Bet on the Derby Simulcast. Betting on the Kentucky Derby in set records across the board, including the simulcast at all North American racetracks. These wagers totaled million last year, up 10 from million in There really is nothing quite like it in the world of horse racing.

We have included wagering totals for.

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Don't be afraid to bet on the favorite. Since the Road to the Kentucky Derby point series started in, the post-time favorite has won every Derby. Pay attention to the horses that won the Derby prep races. The last seven Derby winners won their final prep race leading up to Derby.

If you can't decide between 2 horses, try an exacta box. If those two horses finish first or second in any order you win the bet. The minimum for an exacta is 2. Next to each horse’s information in the program is a speed figure. The higher the speed figure, the higher the potential of winning. There are, people at the Derby.

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People will bet all three, and rightly so. But no trainer has ever swept the Derby triple. The one-trainer exacta has been pulled off but is a rarity H. Guy Bedwell trained Sir Barton and Billy Kelly to a finish exactly years ago, Herbert Thompson accomplished it in and, and the last conditioner to do it was Ben Jones in It probably won’t be really known which of Baffert’s trio will end up as the favourite until a few minutes before post time, depending on which way the bettors are going.

It may be an important detail. It’s puzzling how Maximum Security four wins in four starts, the last of those the Florida Derby is not getting a whole lot of attention going into this race. This is not a typical Derby field.

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Come out and learn about placing Exotic Bets, Multi-Race Wagers, and Century’s own unique wager, Jackpot High-5! Let our experts walk you through the betting basics and help you get started in placing your first bet! Betting Basics takes place every race day upstairs in the Paddock Room one hour prior to post time.

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Correct score betting is when you bet on the exact score outcome of the match. These statistics show how many times a team scored a certain amount of goals. TIP Try using our 'Order by probability' feature from the top right of the page. View There are different betting markets when goaltimes statistics can be used, such as Derby will score in the first half.

TIP Usually goal time bets are done during live matches.

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Betting on the Kentucky Derby is the greatest American horse betting event, and it has been for decades. We’ll be your guides through the odds, contenders, past results and even show you the best places to bet as we prepare for this year’s running of the Kentucky Derby.

The Top Resource for Betting the Derby. If you’re doing some research trying to find out how to bet the Kentucky Derby, the first thing you’ll need to know is how to find a reliable sportsbook. The Kentucky Derby presents a good money-making opportunity but you’ll need to start by finding a shop that has odds on the big race an.

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How much are Kentucky Derby tickets and how to get them? Getting tickets to the race can be challenging, as tour companies sweep up many of them for resale at a hefty premium. You can register for a lottery for general admission 60 and seats to 3, for two-day access held each year in the fall at interiordesignerwebdpkq.us Then it is a Show Bet.

You can also do exacta and trifecta bets. What is the best Kentucky Derby Betting App? There are several online racebooks that offer Android and Apple mobile betting apps.

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Thursday TechRepublic described the big prediction In May, a relatively unknown startup called Unanimous A.I. Made big headlines when its AI-based platform used collective intelligence to create a prediction for the Kentucky Derby superfecta - the top four horses, in order of finish. It made exactly the right pick, which returned on a 1 bet Churchill Downs took notice last year and decided to collaborate with Unanimous A.I.

To create an official AI swarm made up of handicappers and racing analysts to predict the top finishers for this year's Derby.

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Helpful information if you plan to bet on the Kentucky Derby, including definitions and trends. It's a great chance to hit a huge payoff at the races. Typically, I'd advise against boxing multiple horses in an exacta. Most of the time, you are betting against yourself with all of the losing tickets you have to overcome to make money.

However, this particular race has the largest pools of the year, so it's totally fine to box several horses in an exacta or trifecta to hope for a monstrous payout. The Derby is also a good value to include in other bets, such as the Pick 3 and Pick 4. Because of the competitive nature of the race, any wager that includes this race will produce larger than normal payouts.

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We first seen betting exchanges at the turn of the century and they have revolutionised the way people gamble. The first betting exchange was interiordesignerwebdpkq.us which was founded in by Andrew Bert Black and Ed Wray. One thing that is important when using exchanges is understanding HOW they make their money, Exchanges make money when you win a bet, they do this by charging a commission normally between 2 and 5 on your winnings. The benefit of doing this means that exchange books are priced to, meaning you will very often find the best price in an exchange as the markets are very competitive with no margin required.

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