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When is the fight with mayweather and mcgregor how to make a baby due date betting pool template

Sunday 24st, September 4:14:17 Pm


McGregor comes out pushing Mayweather back onto the ropes.

Mayweather seems content with seeing what McGregor has in terms of punching ability. McGregor is flicking his right jab out, trying to measure up a left hand but not landing anything seriously.

McGregor seems to have done something no one thought he would. McGregor’s face was red and swollen. He was staggering into the ropes when the referee stepped in to stop the fight with remaining in the round. Continue reading the main story. Las Vegas will stage a very strange superfight on Saturday, as an all-time great boxing champion takes on the star of mixed martial arts. When McGregor fought Mayweather in, he grabbed a reported plus million while Mayweather reportedly snagged million.

Hey, it was dubbed The Money Fight. That night McGregor lost by a technical knockout in the round but boxed well enough for McGregor fans more like, idolaters to dream on a rematch with Mayweather or a return to the ring against another boxer.

The only fight with bigger numbers than those came in when the long-overdue battle between Mayweather and Pacquiao finally happened. Did you catch that number million? That’s why McGregor rematching Mayweather or boxing Pacquiao is a possibility, maybe even likely, and enough time has passed for the MMA fighter vs. The boxer to feel novel again almost. Photos Mayweather finishes McGregor in round.

Mayweather and his father celebrate the victory. 13 of Both fighters are expected to leave the ring with hefty paydays. According to CNNMoney, industry experts have speculated that the fight could surpass million, which was a record set by the Mayweather vs.

Manny Pacquiao fight in Search. However, there was growing interest in a fight between Mayweather and McGregor, after the Irish UFC star went on American chat show Conan and said he would "most certainly dismantle" Mayweather. Talks between the two camps began in May and McGregor, who has never boxed professionally or as an amateur, was granted a boxing licence in California last November.

After social media insults flew from both sides, including Mayweather calling McGregor a "little punk", the Irishman claimed he had signed a contract for the fight and applied for a Nevada boxing licence, so it cou. When the news conference after that fight ended, Mayweather yelled to me to approach him. He then opened an envelope to show a million check drawn on a Bank of America account.

He expects to collect a larger guarantee for this fight. The second deal is the terms the UFC and McGregor made on how to split their share of the net revenues. McGregor’s UFC contract forbids him from doing other sports, but he negotiated a deal with the UFC to allow him to box Mayweather. All sides in the deal Mayweather, McGregor, Haymon and the UFC stand to make upside from the fight, meaning income from the pay-per-view sales.

The third deal is the one negotiated between the promotion itself and the cable and satellite distributors.

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor Global Look Press. As Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor prepare to meet in their boxing megabout in Las Vegas on Saturday, RT Sport looks at some of the best quotes from the careers of two renowned trash-talkers.

Decide who you think said what. 1 There’s two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good. I’m doing one of them right now and on Saturday night, I’m doing the other.

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2 "He looks good for a seven-figure fighter.

He looks good for an eight-figure fighter. Of course McGregor would beat Mayweather in a few seconds in a car park, but that’s not the point here. McGregor needed an excuse not to fight MMA for a bit as the current challengers for his UFC belts are a bit tough if he loses his MMA belt his value in boxing will fall dramatically, so the boxing challenge has to be right now he wanted to fight a boxer who hardly if ever KOs anyone he certainly doesn’t want to. Normally you fight because you want the guy’s place on the ladder, or you’re fighting to keep it and even when it’s hurting bad you keep on, because it’s that or lose everything you worked for.

Here there was nothing at all to fight for as the money was already in the bank and they were paying themselves.

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Mayweather and McGregor pose during a media conference. The fight card in Las Vegas consists of eight bouts, four of which will be televised.

A couple of the undercard fights are set to be entertaining bouts and, as a contest, the fight between Wales’ Nathan Cleverly and Sweden’s Badou Jack could be the highlight of the night. Sep 14, - When Mayweather agreed to fight the unbeaten and supremely powerful Alvarez, many predicted it would be the most trying night of Mayweather’s career.

After 12 rounds, Mayweather got the nod of a majority decision having given the Mexican youngster a lesson in defensive expertise and accurate counter-punching. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor's verbal battle is over for now and attention has turned to what is set to be the highest-earning fight of all time. It’s no secret that pro athletes make serious bank.

But some sports stars really rake in the dough after retiring.

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After months of speculation that the fight would never happen, followed by weeks of anticipation of how the bout will play out, Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will finally meet in the ring at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday for 12 rounds of boxing in what could be the biggest pay-per-view in TV history.

The schedules for combat events are always loose, and it's tough to know precisely when Mayweather and McGregor will enter the ring and hear the bell.

According to Ariel Helwani, the real festivities including a performance of the national anthem by Demi Lovato and the. Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will box on August 26 at the T-Mobile Centre in Las Vegas. The promotion, likely some of the most entertaining to ever take place, can now begin properly and the verbal barbs both men are renowned for can start to fire more and more.

First, before looking ahead, it can be fun to look back. July, Ahead of his bout with Chad Mendes, Conor McGregor appeared on the Conan O’Brien show, when the red headed TV host asked McGregor if he would ever have an interest in fighting Mayweather.

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When a fighter isn’t used to getting hit a lot, they tend to get taken out quickly when they meet up with someone that is able to inflict punishment. McGregor comes from the wrong background for him to be able to withstand a beating from Mayweather. McGregor’s stand-up fights in the UFC have mostly been one-sided with him taking his opponents out with big left hands.

It’s easy for McGregor due to the smaller 4 oz. Gloves the UFC uses compared to boxing. McGregor’s money is based on him and Mayweather hyping the fight rather than on his performance inside the ring on August The hard part for McGregor is to act crazy and over the top enough to get boxing and MMA fans interested in purchasing the mismatch.

Once the fight takes place, it doesn’t matter what happens. Former world heavyweight champion "Iron" Mike Tyson says UFC star Conor McGregor will get "killed" when he fights Floyd Mayweather.

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McGregor and Mayweather square off in Las Vegas on August. McGregor and Mayweather will fight under boxing rules, giving the 'Money Man' a clear advantage. That obviously means the Irishman will not be allowed to kick, elbow or use any of his usual take-down moves.

Boxing etiquette requires the pair to touch gloves before the first and last round but those gloves will be smaller than their normal size, weighing just eight-ounces instead of ten, to increase McGregor's advantage. He normally fights with four-ounce gloves that are fingerless with very little padding. Mayweather is actually a reality.

The fight is like a nightmare emerging from a fever dream where the walls are papered with bills, the carpet is made of the finest chinchilla fur, and you wake yourself up by stepping painfully on a discarded diamond ring instead of one of your kid’s discarded Legos.

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Does McGregor, who hasn’t had an actual boxing match since he was a teenager, have a shot at beating a past-his-prime great? McGregor hits really, really hard, and chins don’t get better with age.

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McGregor opened up immediately and Mayweather hit the ropes with his gloves upa position we discussed in pre-fight analysis as one that he usually adopts only when in trouble. Most pundits expected McGregor to get after it early, when his power would be able to make the difference but McGregor surprised everyone by working for volume and measuring himself.

Mayweather, meanwhile, made sure that the only time he threw his right hand was when he was close enough to hit the target and he believed he could get it in before McGregor retreated. That "extra step" that McGregor, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, and many other counter punchers have drawn out of frustrated opponents in MMA was nowhere in sight in this fight. Mayweather-Pacquiao shattered records largely because the six-year courtship between the fighters grew each of their audiences.

But where a bitter rivalry between promoters stalled Mayweather-Pacquiao, at least they we both elite pros in the same sport, free to face off after settling contractual details. The logistical obstacles between McGregor and Mayweather tell you the fight can’t happen.

McGregor is still under contract to the UFC, and can’t fight elsewhere without risking a lawsuit. Though it seems significant that McGregor received a California boxing licence in November, fight licence. A potential fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has been brewing for months now. If you need to get caught up on everything, here's a timeline of their back-and-forth.

Though it's still up in the air, a showdown between Pretty Boy Floyd and McGregor would be as epic as it is unexpected. However, given that Mayweather took years to fight his biggest rival in boxing, Manny Pacquiao, it's also safe to say that no one should hold their breath for this to happen any time soon. When answering a question about the length of time it took him to fight Pacquiao, Mayweather provided a quote that was perhaps telling with respect to his attitude about fighting McGregor.

"The world wasn't built in a day," Mayweather said. "Everything can't happen when we want it to happen.".

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Mayweather's masterful execution and dismantling of McGregor began in Round 4. Where the previous three rounds of the fight saw Mayweather simply walking toward McGregor with his arms guarding his face and body, in Round 4 we saw Mayweather establish his lead right hand and begin to create effective punching angles.

The idea behind creating a punching angle is this A fighter wants to have his feet and body positioned so that it is easy for him to land punches while his opponent cannot. Call it Advance Boxing Geometry, and Mayweather is as good at it as any fighter in history. When Round 8 began, McGregor's world was falling into pieces. He could hardly hold his arms up anymore and Mayweather was there smirking at him as the round began. Meanwhile, when Mayweather went up against Manny Pacquiao in, tickets sold out in under a minute.

The cheap seats for that fight were 1, however, while tickets to the Mayweather-McGregor match-up start at a cool 3, It makes you wonder if maybe people just can't get too excited about a boxing match featuring a non-boxer who doesn't stand a chance of winning.

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Before Mayweather made McGregor's face look like two pancakes pressed against a single piece of sausage, he ate some pancakes and maybe some sausage for breakfast.

The great things about pancakes is that you can always add protein powder to the batter to make them more nutritious and taste more horrible.

And remember to use a wide spatula, like a fish spatula! Santiago also said that on the days immediately running up to the fight he served Mayweather his favorite comfort food spaghetti bolognese. Now, spaghetti bolognese is an Italian dish, and it's not that easy to make. But here's a recipe if you want to try. You can also visit Bologna, Italy and get some of the good stuff there. Or you can stay home and order Chinese. McGregor had taken a trip the barbers to have his head shaved in the hours before the fight but there was too be no scalping of Mayweather.

After a delay due to technical problems at PPV company Showtime, McGregor made a confident start, rocking Mayweather with a left uppercut in the first. Mayweather, perhaps through rust, perhaps through tactical patience, did not begin to get serious until the fourth when his mastery of this sport began to show.

Floyd Mayweather did not get serious with Conor McGregor until the fourth roundCredit Getty Images - Getty. Floyd Mayweather is a master o.

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We knew the two fighters were going to be rolling in the dough, but now we can put a number to it. They were thrilled when Mayweather finally started fighting. And they were exhausted by the end. For one thing, the fight was a sharply partisan affair. The majority of people in the arena appeared to be McGregor fans he hails from Dublin and an Irish flag, worn cape-style, almost seemed like the evening’s dress code.

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But other fans were members of TMT The Money Team and loyal to Money Mayweather.

Twitter’s loyalties came and went as the match progressed, with enthusiasm from either camp seemingly matching each fighter’s success. To the surprise of many of the neutral and pro-Mayweather viewers, anyway McGregor won the first round. When Conor McGregor signed on to fight Mayweather, many anticipated he would replace his current coach John Kavanagh, who was the first BJJ black belt in Ireland, with a more seasoned striking coach like Freddie Roach.

The latter of whom prepared Manny Pacquiao another southpaw for a similar clash. But McGregor bucked the notion of bringing in any boxing trainers rationalizing that every pure boxing coach prior had failed to put a blemish on Mayweather’s record. Obviously, Freddie Roach is incredible, Kavanagh said.

I’ve been trying to immerse myself in the boxing world, and Freddie has. The super-fight between undefeated boxing star Floyd Maybeather and UFC World Champion Conor McGregor is inching closer or is it? We can assume that the fight will take place in Las Vegas and rumors suggest in late August, specifically August 26 because Mayweather Promotions have booked the MGM Grand for that night for an undisclosed boxing event’.

Mayweather’s promotional company has also booked out the venue for July 29, but that date is most likely being used for the Mikey Garcia-Adrien Broner fight. Over the weekend, some news broke that an Aug.

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McGregor and Mayweather soon realized that the real treasure was the friendship they built along the way. Everybody over hear talking about the MaywestherMcGregor fight might be the best fight ever "You had me at hello." Man Sneaks Backstage at the McGregor vs Mayweather Press Conference in London.

Conor McGregor right now Get your shit together, McGregor. Strangely Accurate Prediction. Kitts Marriott Resort The Royal Beach Casino, Frigate Bay "Will the Mayweather vs.

McGregor fight be " Check out 6 answers, plus 3, reviews and 3, candid photos Ranked 3 of 4 hotels in Frigate Bay and rated 4 of 5 at TripAdvisor. Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of the former champion in five weight categories Floyd Mayweather, named the first fight and potential rematch of his nephew against UFC champion Conor McGregor exclusively a monetary issue. The only motive for the fight between Floyd and McGregor is money.

I think that for the sake of such money you can take a chance," Jeff Mayweather said. Mayweather-McGregor fight memes pack a punch. Fans buzz about Floyd Mayweather's face-hiding ski mask, Conor McGregor's dapper baby, and that endless wait for the main event. Saturday's boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr.

And UFC champion Conor McGregor was a meetup many fans thought would never happen. The result - Mayweather won by TKO in the tenth round - didn't surprise many, but there were plenty of entertaining sidebars on the way to Mayweather's victory.

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You are not logged in to Tapology. When browsing anonymously, profanities and images are automatically removed from the forum. This is the official discussion thread for Mayweather vs. "There goes WorstPredictionMan, the greatest predictor who ever lived." 25 mil is literally a joke to Mayweather. He made 32 Mil guaranteed for a fight 10 years ago, when he was 10 the star he is now. He made around Mil after PPV from his last fight. This is just a low-ball from Dana.

But an extremely insulting, unrealistic low-ball. "When a game cannot be won, change the game." WorstPredictionMan.

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The real cash, according to McGregor, would be fighting Floyd Mayweather, boxing's biggest draw, in a sport that doesn't exist. McGregor correctly assumes Floyd won't be stepping into the Octagon any time soon, but he's willing to compromise.

"Why would he take me on?" McGregor asked The Guardian. "But if you're talking about a fight that could generate half a billion - it's this one. There's never going to be another boxing fight like this.

Only a cross-style match between Mayweather and me could generate that kind of interest and revenue.

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McGregor is used to intense 15 minute fights in which he gets to use almost everything at his disposal, Mayweather is the undefeated BOXING champion who is notorious for putting viewers to sleep, He is the "12 Round Prodigy" and he has faced opponents that hit harder than McGregor, Have more skill than McGregor and can take punches better than McGregor, The weight. I'm thinking that he was just trying to play some type of head game with Mayweather when he said that.

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Justin Gaethje breaks down Conor McGregor's fight with Floyd Mayweather TUF TALK.

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Conor Mcgregor vs Floyd Mayweather HD Full Fight. Mykes Sports Picks 1 year ago Nico Emilio sorry, im new here. Are we talking about the fight between mayweather and mcgregor that was stopped in the round when mcgregor didnt answer like 15 punches? Mykes Sports Picks 1 year ago Nico Emilio mma fans watch ufc which has subjective judging.

"octagon control" is part of the judging criteria. Mayweather simply didnt allow mcgregor to point him. This is why boxing fans dont respect mma fans.

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Let's talk about Mayweather vs. Do you think it's bad for boxing? I don't think it's bad for boxing. Everything McGregor does, that's good for boxing. I don't think he stands a chance, though. You think it'll be a quick fight? I don't know how quick it will be, but he won't be able to touch Floyd. Yeah, Floyd's a defensive wizard against people who've been boxing their whole lives. It's hard to imagine how McGregor figures him out in his very first boxing match.

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Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated while keeping MMA fighter Conor McGregor at bay in what is undoubtedly the fight of the year.

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Search Results for when is the mayweather and mcgregor fight. Discover users, hashtags and music about when is the mayweather and mcgregor fight on Likee.

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McGregor is being given a total of just punches, while Mayweather is getting a much more respectful volume with landed punches. Total Punches Landed by McGregor Over Under Total Punches Landed by Mayweather Over Under + To put this in perspective, Manny Pacquiao landed 89 punches when he fought Mayweather. Canelo Alvarez managed to connect on punches after throwing Andre Berto had a lopsided punch stat against Mayweather, registering 83 landed throws while Mayweather connected times.

So landed punches for McGregor is extrem.

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Mayweather and McGregor are both huge WWE fans. The announcement that Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will meet in the boxing ring on August has been met with disbelief, cynicism and laughter from across the sporting world.

Anthony Joshua officially confirms Kubrat Pulev fight as unification wait goes on. Mayweather, widely regarded as one of the best defensive boxers of all time, will put his flawless record on the line against a two-weight UFC Champion who has never competed in a meaningful boxing match as an amateur or professional. In pure sporting terms it’s farcical, the equivalent of putting an excellent ping-pong playe.

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Round 1 Boxing Given that Mayweather vs. McGregor is a boxing match, you’d think this would be the most important round of our contest. But the latest professional boxing title, Fight Night Champion from, is a less-than-adequate simulation.

We found a pretty solid stand-in for Mayweather with the community-created boxers, and we made someone vaguely reminiscent of McGregor. The one advantage McGregor has in this bout is that when creating a character in Fight Night Champion, there’s not an adjustable slider for technique or experience, meaning that McGregor’s biggest weakness isn’t goin.

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There's only a few hours left until Conor McGregor faces Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas this evening, and the world is poised for an enourmous fight. Get Biox "There was pushback on the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao superfight and it ended up being the biggest fight ever in the history of PPV," he added.

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McGregor likes to call himself "an Irish gorilla." That's what it looked like as Mayweather ducked in and McGregor mounted him a monkey climbing on top of an unusually quick turtle. Referee Byrd was repeatedly forced to drag one man off the other.

Story continues below advertisement. But by that point, the fight had gone longer than any other of his combat career. Mayweather closed in and picked him apart. Byrd jumped on McGregor once more, this time to save him. As the referee held on to the fighter, McGregor appeared to say, "I was okay.

I'm just sayin'." He most definitely was not.

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor might never meet in hand-to-hand combat, but their feud has received more attention than most fights in either boxing or MMA ever have. They continue to go back and forth through the media, discussing terms of a possible boxing match. Mayweather made the latest comment in their public negotiation, stating that he is ready to make a fight with the UFC star a reality during a Showtime boxing telecast.

But when he was asked about fighting Mayweather in an MMA fight, the champion wasn’t shy about telling Esquire that he’d finish off the boxer quickly. Who would not like to dance around the ring for million?.

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Why this fight is the biggest thing ever. Mayweather has fought 49 professional boxing matches and has won them all. At the bookies, his odds of winning are currently 5 to 1, and expectations are low. McGregor is also a UFC fighter, meaning he is a mixed martial artist, whereas Mayweather is purely a boxer. So, when McGregor steps into the ring not the octagon he’s deep in Mayweather’s territory. This is a clash of styles unlike anything seen before. The hype around this fight has been utterly bonkers.

The fighters are getting extremely personal at the press briefin.

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It was more about mcgregor than mayweather. Mcgregor has no gas tank and starts running when he's tired which is expected. Load more comments 33 replies. Means that Conor was the one backing up and Mayweather was the one coming forward. Load more comments 17 replies.

[][deleted] points points points 2 years ago 0 children.

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McGregor is the reigning champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship UFC. He is Mixed Martial Arts’ biggest star. And McGregor spent a year chasing down a fight with Mayweather that he knew he could never win. You see, a UFC fighter needs to practice five or six different styles to be competitive.

Boxers just worry about boxing. There’s no way an amateur boxer like McGregor could climb into the ring with Floyd Mayweather and come out on top. Demanding that fight sounds insane. Until you realize that winning the match was never the point.

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Showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor has been on the UFC lightweight champion’s jump from the Octagon to the ring, somewhat lost in the shuffle has been that Mayweather has declared this bout at T-Mobile Arena will be his final fight.

I thought that the Andre Berto fight was going to be my last everything, Mayweather said on Thursday’s media teleconference, referring to the bout after which he retired. It could be a fight against any guy that the fans and people say they love the most, but when I look at it, I’m like, I could have done this better, I could have done that better.’ I’m a critic of myself and I feel like it’s never good enough.

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McGregor will be receiving plenty of support from fans back home in Ireland ahead of his fight with Mayweather. McGregor will be receiving plenty of support from fans back home in Ireland ahead of his fight with Mayweather. "I was tired and out of shape, the fact that he's not ashamed that a guy came in off the couch and done twelve rounds shows you where his confidence levels are really at.

"I had done the bare minimum beforehand just to show up in a little bit of shape as I assumed the training camp would be like mine or other boxers where each sparring partner does four to si "He is living in this alternate reality where he can punch and hurt people and sometimes I ask myself is he really that stupid, is it an act, why try to prove something that didn't happen.

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Both Mayweather and McGregor have made nods to the iconic film Rocky and its sequels ahead of the fight. In July, John Kavanagh, McGregor’s coach, tweeted an ode to Rocky II, the sequel when Rocky Balboa finally defeats Apollo Creed until he faced a tough southpaw that nobody gave a chance to.

McGregor followed with a film clip of himself on a stationary bike while monitored by medical staff. The video was captioned If he dies. When McGregor finally steps into the ring with Mayweather, the audience will either be witnesses to greatness or mere revenue sources.

Either way, they’ll be a part of combat sports history. We want to hear what you think about this article.

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