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How to bet on sports in nyc in person football betting tips predictions and previews

Tuesday 1st, May 3:51:2 Pm
Betting on sports is a full-time job for this N.J. man


Looking to learn how to bet on sports as a beginner? Josh Appelbaum shares 10 tips and tricks you should know when starting to place wagers, including spreads, moneylines and overunders. With the Supreme Court set to rule on the New Jersey sports betting legalization case, millions of sports fans will be looking to enter the betting market for the first time. Here’s an introduction into how to bet on sports. We’ll be adding to this series in the coming weeks.

How to Bet on Sports for Beginners.

Use the links below to jump to each section. Sports Betting Some Points To Think About For Making Cash. Bet on Horses if and only if you are hundred current convinced with your personal decision in the first location. Just do not do it for the sake of performing it. It might finish up in a reduction during most interiordesignerwebdpkq.us from being knowledgeable about the system and the whole activity exactly where you'll be betting, it would still be essential that you keep in thoughts to wager properly.

The rest of the tribe would speak among themselves, every person choosing the guy they believed most likely to get. Maybe Thag was slighter than Mok, so several individuals thought Mok could toss farther. How much you realistically have the potential to make definitely depends on how much you have available for wagering to begin with.

You could win every single bet you place and get rich fairly quickly, but anyone remotely in tune with the world of sports betting knows this isn’t possible. If we’re talking standard spread betting, winning over 60 of your bets would be considered pretty to very successful and would result in profits again depending on how much you bet per unit. Someone betting 5 units will likely never get rich, no matter how often they hit. Online sports betting sites take huge amounts of bets on the NCAA Basketball Championship, which is watched by millions each year and is widely regarded as the highest level of amateur sport anywhere in the world.

Also popular among diehard punters is the WNBA the premier women’s US basketball division. It is possible to bet on sports on your mobile device in, with most online betting companies in regulated markets boasting apps and a mobile website. All of the betting sites we promote on interiordesignerwebdpkq.us have got responsive or mobile sites, meaning you can begin betting on sports right away. How does mobile sports betting work you might ask? Basically you can sign up at any of the betting companies displayed to you in the table above. Betting on Sports is a must-attend conference and exhibition for members of the sports, betting and gaming industries.

You will experience the very best industry speakers and content with plenty of high level networking and business opportunities. interiordesignerwebdpkq.us - Sport in Focus Conference Room 1. - USA in Focus Conference Room 2. - Payments Expert Forum Conference Room 3. Learn How to Bet Right Every Time. Luck is only part of it when you bet on sports. At sport US, we will teach you everything you need to know about betting on sports matches and events with our sports betting tutorial.

Fine tune your knowledge of betting, with the ultimate sports betting guide. Our experts provide coverage on every aspect of sports betting, with clear examples to help you bet right every time. Our New Jersey bookmaker offers the best odds, and widest coverage of bet selections for you. Persons under 21 or located outside of New Jersey are not permitted to engage in real money internet gambling.

For more details please read our terms and conditions. Information in this website may be subject to change without notice. To understand how betting rings employ the Internet to navigate around legal traps requires a journey to places that, for most people in the online age, are far more foreign and remote than a Caribbean island places where the virtual and physical worlds intersect.

Every successful sports book needs a Stanley Tomchin. But with so many Americans eager to bet on sports, Pinnacle must have realized it could not abandon such a lucrative market a fact that did not escape the Queens prosecutor.

Confidential information came to us that a certain individual was engaged as an agent in organized sports betting, Mr. That individual led investigators to New Jersey, then Las Vegas, then Los Angeles and back to Queens.

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Betting on sports is done for the thrill of the game and to make money. While betting on sports can seem almost impossible, especially in today's competitive world, it is actually fairly simple. First, you will need Familiarize yourself with one sport at a time. You do not want to bet on every sport you love.

Giffard LesterRoddy Ross 98 Pittsburgh rivershoundsLazio Rome 76 Arizona CardinalsLevadia 31
Really dive into the stats on the sports organization's website or on sportsbook site. Keep track of the outside factors which come into play with sports, such as weather, injuries, "revenge," etc. interiordesignerwebdpkq.us’s general betting articles discuss the intricacies of sports betting as it pertains to each major U.S.

This article will concentrate on how to bet on the NFL. We will try to utilize that neck up part of our bodies to gain an edge on the linesmakers, but first we must know the basics. The NFL is by far the most popular bet of all major American sports, culminating with the most popular game of the year, the Superbowl. If you’re new to betting, one of the first things you should do is learn how betting odds work.

It’s critically important because it allows you to understand how likely an event is to happen, and what your potential winnings will be. At first, it may appear confusing, however, read our guide and let us explain it to you. Therefore, if you bet that the person rolls a one’, there is a chance that will happen. What betting odds merely do is present how likely the event is to happen.

Bookies most frequently in the UK do this as a fraction, i.e. 47, whilst the vast majority also offer the ability to view them as decimals. Again, let us talk you through them. Wins from real money bets withdrawable at any time. In a basic definition,betting is the point at which you attempt to anticipate the future outcome or a result of a particular occasion.

Such occasions might be the all out objectives scored during a football coordinate, consequences of a tennis match-up during a universal competition, the victor of a horse racing occasion and even explicit bets occurring during the game itself, for example, the quantity of fouls during a match. The fundamental do’s and dont’s of effective betting. Instructions to put down a bet online.

Beting on the web in the is probably the least demanding activity insofar as you are more than 18 years of age, you are putting down bets for yourself utilizing your own cash and you are doing as such from a spot where betting is lawful.

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The online sports betting industry in Nigeria has registered tremendous growth in the past few years. Learn how to start sports betting business in Nigeria. The Nigerian sports betting and gaming industry has grown astronomically in the last two years.

This exceptional growth can be attributed to the large population of the nation and increased access to internet devices. Nairabet was the first domestic online sports betting website in Nigeria.

Since its existence, many more gambling websites have opened shop in Nigeria including Bet9ja, BetKing, MerryBet, SureBet etc.

Is sport betting legal in Nigeria? All forms of gambling in Nigeria including sports betting is regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission. These rules apply to bets made in person, online, on the telephone or with friends.

Participants are also not allowed to instruct any third party to place any bet on their behalf. Gambling Addiction is available to download as a 5 live Sport Specials podcast. Find out the best sports betting sites and apps to use and learn how to place a legal sports bet online to make money. If that person were to bet instead, and Team A still won, they would win Point Spreads. March Madness bettingGetty Images. The point spread is another form of betting odds that’s very similar to a money-line bet.

They can be over under bets on how many times a player or announcer does something, or they can be bets on which team will do better in general on a certain topic. For example, in a football game, the oddsmakers may set the odds for which team will get more running yards. In the end, a prop bet be on just about anything. Whatever an oddsmaker can imagine can become an interesting prop bet. How To Bet On Sports By Picking Teams In Small Conferences.

It happened during the season. Proof that the mountain west conference definitely has.

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Stock quotes by interiordesignerwebdpkq.us Reprints Permissions. Read on to see how the sports-betting site has helped me bet smarter, bet better, and make a profit. Whether you're a high roller at the card table or you make casual bets with friends, gamblers are always looking for an edge.

Unlike other betting sites destined to overpromise and underdeliver for eternity, The Action Network understands, and embraces, the degree of chance that comes with gambling money on sports.

There are no sure things, but there is math, and there are trends, and if you head into a night of betting armed with more knowledge than the average Joe, you have a chance of leaving with a profit. Some people believe that sports betting took place even before then. We have good reason to believe that people have been gambling on the outcome of sports events ever since organized sports events started taking place.

This is the harsh reality of sports betting. The bookmakers have a distinct advantage over their customers because they’re the ones who get to set the odds and lines. They’re very good at doing this in a way that makes it very difficult for anyone to make any money in the long run. If you want some more advice on how to approach sports betting as a beginner, you should read the following article. It will help you decide whether to focus on the fun or strive to make a profit.

Betting for Fun vs Betting for Profit. Sports betting is mostly very simple You place a bet on an event and you either get a return on your investment or you don’t. But there can be a lot of things surrounding that simple transaction that aren’t so easy to understand. In order to help you have the smoothest betting experience possible we have created this FAQ to answer any question you might have.

From bonuses and free bets to live streaming and legal questions, this page has been designed to be the definitive source for betting questions and queries. To the uninitiated, betting on sports can seem a difficult thing to get your head around.

With hundreds of markets and lots of numbers on a screen it can all be overwhelming but there’s no need to panic. Once you understand what it all means and how to bet, gambling on sport can help enhance any match and allow you to be rewarded for your sporting predictions. Remember, If you sign up to interiordesignerwebdpkq.us before June 1 you could win two tickets to the Euro final!

In its simplest form, gambling on sport is putting money on something you think will or won’t happen, in order to win money. The odds are the chances a person has of winning a bet. The lower this number, the more likely it is to happen.

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Of sports betting advertisements, while an eye-tracker recorded the number of xations placed on responsible. Gambling messages, as well as other text-based wagering content.

Palmer TylerJefferson Carter 31 SheriffDerry City 96 CliftonvilleColorado rapids 06
Results Responsible gambling messages were It sought to examine how much. These responsible gambling messages are looked at, in.

Comparison to other gambling-related, text-based messages. Participants were recruited for in-person testing through. Specialized market research panel providers. Sports betting involves staking on the outcome of sporting events. Bettors attempt to predict the result of an event in order to win their bet and potentially profit.

Put simply betting odds are representations of probability. This is due to the bookmaker’s margin, which is explained in more detail below. How to calculate betting payouts Odds formats. There are three major odds formats that you may frequently see mentioned. Decimal odds are perhaps the easiest format to use since they demonstrate the return for each unit bet. The Amount of Betting Flexibility.

If you’re a serious sports bettor, you know that there is a lot more that you can and should be able to bet on in a game than just who the winner is going to be. When we bet online, we expect to get a lot more action and bet options than we do betting at a brick-and-mortar location. It’s hard to argue that betting on sports online is not way more convenient than betting at a brick-and-mortar location.

When you bet brick and mortar, you have to get in your car, drive to the sportsbook, wait in line, place your bet, drive back home, wait for the game to end, drive back to the sportsbook, wait in line again, cash your ticket, and then drive back home.

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How to Bet on Sports Online in New Jersey. How to Bet on Sports Online in New Jersey. Whether it’s betting a couple of dollars with your buddies before a game or finding some value on the moneyline with an online sportsbook, sports betting is a great way to add a little spice to being a sports fan. Online sports betting has been fully legal in New Jersey since June Even in the short time it’s been around, it’s clear that betting online with secure and legal sites is a game-changer.

Betting in person is a different experience. What it lacks in the convenience of betting online from the comfort of your own home, it makes up for in the excitement of being physically in the casino, watching the sports live as you bet. NJ Online Betting Is Safe, Legal and Convenient. Learn more about sports betting including different types of bets available, where to bet legally in the U.S.

And helpful sports betting articles. This means that when wagering on sports in Nevada, you will be paying a 10 vig on your total bet. Delaware offered NFL parlay cards in for a single year through its state lottery. This form of wagering along with full out sports betting returned in, though it was shot down by a lawsuit. New Jersey sports betting is now legal, both online and via casinos and racetracks.

Learn more about how and where you can engage in legal NJ sports betting. Monmouth Park was actually the first NJ property to introduce legal sports betting in June Where can you bet on sports in Atlantic City?

All nine Atlantic City casinos currently offer sports betting Borgata.

Betting preview premier league

Every sports-betting site will show you the potential winnings of a bet when you fill out your betslip.

What does it mean to bet the over? For any game in which you can bet on a winner, you can also bet on the total number of points scored. Called game total betting, sportsbooks will set a number at the total like for an NFL game and you can bet over or under. If the number of points exceeds the total, the over wins. Total bets are also a popular way to present props, like How many points will LeBron James score in Game 1 of the NBA Finals overunder Whenever you hear someone say they have the over, they are expecting a higher number for an event than bookmakers have set. Stay in shape and look great with our guide to the coolest NYC fitness classes, hottest trends, fun sports, workout routines, and gyms and health clubs.

Get us in your inbox Sign up to our newsletter for the latest and greatest from your city and beyond. By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about news, events, offers and partner promotions. Pennsylvania online sports betting is now live.

We list the best PA online sportsbooks apps sites for Whether you’re an Eagles fan ready to bet on your team or someone looking to bet on the Sixers now that they are rebuilding, there are sports betting option for you. With this new turf, you may have questions about getting started.

We’re here to answer all your questions about how to bet or get set up on an online betting site as well as point you in the direction of the best promos, newest betting apps, and latest sportsbook innovations.

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The Arkansas sports betting law did not authorize mobile sportsbook apps it is strictly limited to wagers placed in-person at each of the four casinos. Online betting would have been a convenient addition, but Arkansas is certainly moving in the right direction.

Read More Arkansas Sports Betting. During the season, you can place wagers on individual games, point totals and even how well specific players will do. NFL fantasy betting revolves around the specific players that you draft for your team each week. NFL betting is competitive though because it takes in the most money. Betting on sports is an activity that millions of people enjoy in every year, and it has been that way throughout human history.

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Whether you’re placing a wager on the world cup, or betting on a favorite gladiator thousands of years ago, putting money on this type of event helps to add to the excitement.

For many people, betting a little bit of money between friends on a big match is as far as they want to take it. For others, however, betting on sports is a way to make every event engaging and for still others, it is a way to make an income. Common Sports Betting Mistakes to Read through this article to learn more about the most common sports betting mistakes, and how to avoid them.

How to Choose the Best Sports Betting Site. Looking for the proper guidance for the sports betting exchange software. Click on this blog to know the different features and tips including how it works. But, have you any idea about Sports Betting Software? If your answer is No, then you can follow this blog information which is helpful to understand the sports betting games in the global world.

The betting software is a part of Sportsbook Betting Software which allows the whole information of sports game such as cricket, football, tennis, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. With the help of these sports games, you can enjoy the Betting Exchange Software and easily can put the bet on any betting game. Sports betting bankroll management is the key to becoming a better bettor.

Cashing in winning sports bets isn’t just making smart picks, you also need how to manage your bankroll. Laying a little dough down on your favorite team can add some spice to an already exciting experience if your team is a powerhouse. However, if you learn to wager properly, you can expect steady payoffs over the long run it’s not rocket science. The better you manage your wagers, and the more responsible you are with your bankroll, the longer the fun will last.

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So now you know how to place a bet at the horse races. With that bit of info, you can go to any track in America and have a good time picking a random horse and betting your 2 on each race. But if you’re like most people, your goal isn’t to simply pay 2 to watch a bunch of horses run around a track.

You actually want to win some money! That’s what makes horse racing the most exciting two minutes in sports.

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The suspense and thrill of knowing that each race can make you a bit richer is overwhelming. You can’t help yourself from jumping up, pumping your fist, and yelling GO, BABY, GO!. Sports betting is a form of gambling where you place a wager on the results of a sporting event.

Most sports betting is performed through websites or bookmaker. To name a few, they are the odds being chosen, the team or player you are betting on, the kind of sports you want to bet, the knowledge of the online bookmaker and the skills of your co-bettors.

These things can be and should learned in order to succeed in any online sports betting endeavor. interiordesignerwebdpkq.us, for instance, allows you to learn more and to have your betting skills be further polished as you go on. Asked in Bookmaking in Betting. What is the best website for sports betting. Sports betting for a living includes spending a large number of hours working on weekends when your friends are out having fun sports betting bankroll money management.

In this video i discuss the core concepts of bankroll management when wagering and some things to think about when you are crafting the right sports betting bankroll management strategy for you. Do you want to learn how to read and bet on the Over or Under odds as you wager on sports?

Betting the overunder is a great market to choose when gambling on any sports match. These Totals bets are on the same lines as the spread and moneyline markets, and can lead to higher profits. Welcome to our Esports Bonus Comparison page. We have thoroughly scanned the web to provide you with the best Esports betting bonuses available at this very moment.

This tool gives you all the information and details to help you make an informed choi.

Printable football betting schedules

How often, and how much money people bet, on sports or events strongly depends on the culture of the country where they are living. Besides that the country also has a strong effect on which sports or events they are betting. For example A lot of European people are more likely to bet on football, the Tour the France or tennis, but American people are more likely to bet on ice hockey, basketball, the Super Bowl and baseball.

There are multiple reasons why this is one of the most popular sports to bet on. One of them is that tennis is becoming more and more popular as a sport to watch in the stadium or on TV.

Best naija bet prediction
Bran McCulloughPaulies Nicholson 19 Rohit sharma astrology predictions 2020San Jose Earthquakes 77 PAOKHartford athletic 6 2
At the moment almost all countries have a national TV station that broadcasts live footage of the Grand Slam tournaments. When you want to watch sports on TV outside of your apartment, go to one of the 24 bars on this guide.

We don’t have the answer for how to fix that echo or mute the marketing team, but we can help with wings go to Mudville 9 in Tribeca. The meaty, not-too-crispy wings go well with towers of any of the 30 draft beers, and if you tell them what game you’re most interested in when you make a reservation, they’ll make sure it’s playing on the big screen nearest to your table. Sports betting is the activity of predicting sports results and placing a wager on the outcome.

The frequency of sports bet upon varies by culture, with the vast majority of bets being placed on association football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, auto racing, mixed martial arts, and boxing at both the amateur and professional levels. Sports betting can also extend to non-athletic events, such as reality show contests and political elections, and non-human contests.

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Sports Betting How to Bet and How to Win! In, despite federal law preventions, the state legislature of New Jersey and Governor Chris Christie signed a law that would allow sports betting to take place in New Jersey race tracks and Atlantic City casinos.[17] In August, Fairleigh Dickinson University's PublicMind conducted a study on the issue.

6228121_Justin tolbert nascar

New York does have legalized sports betting, however bets can only be made in person at four upstate casinos. Without mobile betting available, that leaves NYC residents much more likely to venture to New Jersey to place their action. On the West Coast, the wheels are starting to churn in California.

In November, Native Americans proposed an initiative for the state’s ballot that would legalize sports betting in certain locations in California.

8600713_Pkp online betting

To start betting, visit our Sports section. There you will see the upcoming matches as well as will be able to check the past matches in the Results tab. You will see a filter on the left side of the screen, which allows you to sort displayed matches by disciplines and events. On the main page you will be able to make a quick bet on the basic betting lanes, such as Our users can also place bets on the ongoing matches in the LIVE section.

If you are not registered on interiordesignerwebdpkq.us yet, do not worry the creating of account is as simple and fast as it gets, you can even use one of your social network accounts. Once registered, you will be able to make your first deposit we work with a wide range of payment providers, which depend on your country of residence.

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interiordesignerwebdpkq.us Sports Betting Champ will give you the tips you need to place bets online, but the actual procedure is not complicated to.

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Sports Bet will teach you betting strategies, along with proper bankroll management to better optimize your investment. Guaranteed annual profit can be devised into many disciplines Type of bet single, parlay, total, prop. Amount to bet wager amount vs. Hedging your bet increasing profit probability. I will start posting videos on how I select games based on specific information and statistics. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts.

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I recommend 2 classes per week," says Founder Sadie Kurzban. "We are changing the conversation about bodies, about needing to purge or discipline your body and instead, we are celebrating every person who walks through our doors. When can you start seeing results.

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I love how the Rangers are the only team that has a girl as its mascot that makes me so happy for some reason. Make sure for to make more stuff like this suggustion try the wild. Check out the best sports bars in NYCincluding Irish pubs, craft-beer spots and LGBT-friendly barsfor watching any and all sporting events. Best sports bars in NYC to watch a game with some beer and grub.

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Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In Super Bowl XLIX, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made one of the m This is a very well written book with an approachable, conversational style. Duke introduces us to some great new thinking and a vantage point that is refreshingly insightful.

Oct 18, ScienceOfSuccess rated it it was ok. This supposed to be a nice book about poker, with some science behind.

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Bet on Premier League Football, Horse Racing, Basketball plus much, much more! This section sets out how we will update these Terms and Conditions and when we will provide notice to you of this. This section provides information on how you may open an account with us and your responsibilities.

Player’s personal information. This section provides access to further details on how to make deposits. This section provides information in relation to your withdrawals. This section tells you when and how you make a bet and about your winnings.

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Online sports betting in the past decade has spread rapidly. As the demand for online betting grows rapidly so too does the need for information worldwide. Betting companies and bettors are ready to soak in as much information they can in order to help them understand the market thoroughly and hopefully turn in a profit.

You could easily read information online, but with a book, you’re guaranteed to receive advice and tips by proven professionals in the industry. The book starts off by explaining how he made his way through college by playing backgammon for money. The book proceeds in describing his experience throughout his betting life, it includes a blackjack dealer, a Vegas pit boss and also a TV producer.

One of his most well-known accomplishments is Gambling Wizards.

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That’s what other sports have figured outhow to entertain the fans. I think it’s badly needed in track and field. None of the major professional U.S. Sports leagues encourages betting, but they clearly know it’s a huge part of the game day experience. The only person who wouldn’t benefit would be the athlete, unless the charity was that athlete’s not-for-profit running club, in which case the funds could go directly to it to support the runner’s training. Because the money would go to a good cause or stay in the sport, it might make bettors feel better about their wager than if the winnings went to a Las Vegas casino.

Beyond Betting These ideas are part of a larger conversation about new ways to create more casual fan engagement in races.

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New Jersey Public Question 1, the Sports Betting Amendment, was on the ballot in New Jersey as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment on November 8, The measure was approved. The measure amended the state constitution to allow the legislature to legalize betting on the results of professional, college, and amateur sporting events. The measure also included specifics about where sports betting could take place.

Betting would be permitted in-person, through telephone, or through.

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Besides sports betting, Sporting Index has an excellent online casino. New players can take advantage of a generous welcome bonus and you’ll find over top slot games on offer in a huge selection of themes along with several popular progressive jackpots, like Starburst and Mega Fortune.

The casino features an exceptional collection of table games, too, and here you’ll find both low stake and high-stakes versions of popular table games along with multi-hand versions of blackjack. Your potential return is affected by elements such as the sport you bet on, whether high or low odds are on offer and how much you’re betting. When playing virtual games, you can’t win more than, in a hour period. Any bets that you place after winning this amount become null and void.

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New York is home to sports fans from all across the world and does its best to accommodate them, with a Bay Area-themed bar blocks away from a haven for Wisconsin fans. Here's a guide to greats bars in New York for cheering on a favorite team. Note This is an updated version of a map originally published in Read More.

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Brand NEW betting sites in March Top 5 new online bookmakers for New betting bonuses TESTED UK betting sites only! All sports pre match and in play plus virtuals bets are included.

Free bet token expires in 7 days from deposit. Duplicate and multiple bets on the same event do not count toward wagering requirements. Customers will have 30 days to meet the turnover requirements before the bonus expires.

How Safe are Newer Betting Sites? Advantages of Joining a New Bookie.

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Sports Marketplace Like any marketplace, a buyer and seller agree on a price - in this case a line. But knowing the line is only half the picture. Understanding the forces affecting line' movement the volume of bets, percentage of bets on the home team and the percentage of bets on the away team is essential in determining the true value of any line. Visit interiordesignerwebdpkq.us to view cutting-edge betting systems and tools.

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An important difference between sports betting and lottery tickets or casino betting is that sports bets are not based on well-defined rules like 5 numbers being independently drawn. Instead, bookmakers set odds, and they do so not based on what they think the outcome will actually be but rather in order to attract bets in the correct proportions that the pool will be able to pay out to the winners, plus a margin for the bookmaker to keep.

Person 2 He is already wealthy from owning successful businesses, and he loves horses. He has a stable on his estate and he raises race-horses. Most of his profits from the horses come from breeding, but also from his horses racing and sometimes winning.

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Sports betting in New Jersey is simple. Simply find the right NJ sports gambling app for you and sign up using our bonus codes. New Jersey also denies owners and other sports league officials and franchises from making bets within their associated leagues. For example, Tilman Feritta owns the Golden Nugget and the Houston Rockets, and therefore the Golden Nugget Sportsbook cannot take sports bets on the NBA.

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Most good sports betting sites will allow you to bet live on a massive range of matches, ranging from Premier League encounters, all the way through to the Irish Senior League. We would advise everyone betting live to only bet on games they’re knowledgeable on though.

So, if you’re a fan of the Champions League and want to bet on Juventus vs. It’s probably best to stay away from games in the Romanian third tier though unless this is your specialty.

In fact, this is a good rule for every type of betting if you’re looking to learn how to bet on football online.

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In sports, cheating usually happens on the field of playor on the ice, depending on which sports we’re talking about. For figure skater Tonya Harding, it happened the night before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detriot.

We can’t tell you what she was thinking, but we can tell you what she did, which was hire someone to break rival NAncy Kerrigan’s leg with a baton.

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